Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of door provides good security?
Industry experts say a steel door is regarded as the most effective security door.

2. Is Security Door worth the price?
Security doors are ideal for homes and offices. While they are more expensive than most other types of doors, they live up to the price. They will last for many years and provide one layer of security to your home or office.

3. Why should I invest in a Metal Security Door instead of other types of door?
According to statistics, 70% of intruders or burglars enter through the door.

4. Why choose a Security Door from Greendor?
Here are the reasons :
(1) Greendor is an established and reputable company.
(2) Opt for a branded made from a reliable manufacturer.
(3) Various designs to suit your house or office.
(4) A range of prices to suit your budget.

5. Special Features of Greendor Security Doors.
(i) Stronger and bigger door frames than ordinary doors.
(ii) Built to last and has anti-theft features. Unique construction against break-in.
(iii) Quality and Durable materials used for maximum security, e.g. Stainless steel, Metal, Alloy.
(iv) Weld-on grille for security
(v) Stainless steel hinges are non-removable.
(vi) Multiple locking system. The standard door comes with a 13-point multiple locks system.
(vii) Impact-resistant.
(viii) Powder-coated instead of normal paint. Protection against corrosion, abrasion, and weather.
(ix) Accessories available: mosquito netting

6. What is the price of a Security door?
The price indications for standard size are :
Low range                RM1,280.00 for single leaf, single layer
High range               RM3,700.00 for double leaf, single layer

7. I have a budget constraint, so which of your product range is the most economical and value for money?
Look for our Best Seller – click on the 3 rd Slider.

8. Besides standard sizes, can you custom-made?

9. Besides standard models or designs, can you custom-made?
Yes, we have CNC machine that can practically produce any designs you desired, at a cost.

10. What are your charges for door installation?
The charges vary depending on location. Please Whatsapp us your location. The indicative prices are as follows, depending on location :
Single leaf RM170 – 200.
Double leaf RM250 – 300.

11. I am not from the Klang Valley area, and I do not know any installer. What should I do?
We can assist you. Please Whatsapp us.

12. Does your installation cover the final finish and plastering of the wall?
No, installation means aligning and sitting the set of frame and door at the site. You will need a civil contractor to plastic the wall after the installer is done with his job.

13. After I confirmed the purchase, what do I need to do next?
Make sure you have a civil contractor standby, to prepare the wall opening. Please refer to “wall opening size” in the “How to buy” section. The size is dependant on the type of door purchased. If in doubt, please Whatsapp us.

14. Do you have any dealers near my area?
Yes, you may contact us for the dealer nearest to you. Please Whatsapp us.

15. I have problem understanding the product or “How to buy”. What should I do?
Leave us a Whatsapp message and our support staff will call to assist you.

16. I need your support staff to be present at my premises to guide and give advice (including technical advice or taking door measurement), can this be arranged? It depends on your location and we levied some charges to cover for the expenses incurred. As a guide, the following charges shall apply for Klang Valley purchasers.
RM100.00 per visit if you have not purchased our product, but this amount will be credited (waived) to you once you place an order with us.

RM 50.00 if your product is under warranty period.

RM200.00 per visit if your product is outside the warranty period.
Note : this charges is excluding any additional work done.

All prices indicated are subject to change without prior notice.

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